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Finally, the video is done!

There are things with which I identify so strongly that I have often convinced myself they are the only things that make me valuable, lovable, and worth something to others. In this video, I show myself stripping those identities away… The pressure of fitting society’s life timeline ideal. A sense of humor. Made up appearance. The prospect and promise of ever finding romance and marriage. Artistic ability. The sounds heard in the video represent the identities; when one is seen getting stripped away, the sound if it fades away as well. To physically illustrate the concept of stripping these things away while in front of people was vulnerable, uncomfortable, and challenging, just as it is to internally strip away the dependence on these identities.

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The Art Assignment trailer is live! Get ready for next week’s premiere. 

And subscribe!

Great trailer. With PBS Digital’s new show The Art Assignment (hosted by my wife!) you’ll have the chance to meet working contemporary artists in their studios and receive art assignments from them. You can then execute the art assignment and upload your work to twitter/tumblr/youtube/facebook/instagram/pinbook/facegram, and hopefully we’ll see lots of cool work that will spur an broad and inclusive conversation about contemporary art online. 

I’m really excited for The Art Assignment’s premier a week from today, and so proud of the great work Mark and Sarah have done on it.

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Steampunk Heart Necklace

My fabulous artist friend Kara makes some super rad necklaces and is selling them on her Etsy store. Check it out!